Dan Modern Chinese (Coming Soon!)

Coming Soon

Dan Modern Chinese is a modern take on traditional Chinese cuisine, featuring hand-made dumplings and noodles, wok-fried rice, vegetables, and other delicious delicacies. what makes us stand out from our competitors is not only the refined, quality, and modern twist, it is the freshness of the food and the care put into the preparation of every item. we only use the best quality ingredients, and then commit to the details of elevating our food. there is a finesse to each dish on the menu which comes from the techniques used to prepare our food, and also the use of fewer ingredients, letting the food speak for itself. all of our dishes are flavorful and thoughtfully prepared. our dumplings and noodles are handmade from scratch.

  • 6460 East Pacific Coast Hwy, Suite 100
    Long Beach, CA 90803