Silent Bunny

April 2nd

On Seaport Way

Reservations Required

Silent Bunny

Silent Bunny is quiet one-on-one time with Bunny for children and adults of all ages with sensory sensitivities.

One in five children experience sensory sensitivities, this reservation only event will provide the special and unique opportunity to participate without the crowds, noise and lights.

We look forward to creating special memories with you!

Sunday, April 2nd 9:00 am – 11:00 am on Seaport Way

This reservation-based event is hosted in thoughtful partnership with Tichenor Clinic for Children.

Each reservation will have approximately 5 minutes of dedicated one on one time with Bunny.

CLICK HERE to book your reservation today!

*Space is limited and reserved. Contact Tichenor Clinic for Children (562)-597-3696 for additional information and/or share any special accommodations. Weather permitting.